Understanding how gardens make us happy…

I am a psychologist currently studying for a part-time PhD in Environmental Psychology at the University of Surrey, with the support of the RHS at Wisley. My PhD is looking at what features of an environment make it perceived as more or less natural, and how this relates to a garden’s design.

Being surrounded by nature can significantly improve well-being and has been shown by psychologists to help hospital patients recover faster. I use my findings from psychology to design gardens that keep us happy and productive.


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Emma with fellow award winners, Elena Cadel & Federica Pallavicini - image courtesy of Barilla

Talks on psychology and gardening…

I regularly give talks on psychology and gardening, speaking at conferences in Zurich, Rome and across the UK. I am available for talks to garden designers, gardeners, and psychologists. Please email me if you would like any more information.

Publications and reports that I’ve written…

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